It is well known that aromas have good effects on food intake in ruminants, porcs, horses and rabbits.

All of them are made by essences (natural and identical to natural essential oils) and are
presented as fine powder due to the excellent quality of the used carrier.

They must be mixed with animal food when manufacturing at doses between 100 and
1000 gr per Ton.

Each specie need a specific aroma or aroma with sweetener as sodium saccharine or

In younger animals, the aroma milk-like permit an earlier food take. Aromas have no
side effects and their benefits/low price justify their use.

In the following table, we present some of them with their most important characteristics.

AROMAKIT-ME: Smells like: Molasses like. Use: Ruminant feed at any age. Horse feed.

AROMAKIT-F: Smells like: Strawberry and other red fruits. Use: Swine feeds at any age.

AROMAKIT-O: Smells like: Orange. Use: Ruminant feeds at any age.

AROMAKIT-L: Smells like: Milk and vanilla like. Use: Pre-starter and starter
feeds. Milk replacers.

NEOLACTO: Smells like: Milk and vanilla like with sweetener. Use: Pre-starter and starter feeds. Milk replacers.

NEOFRUIT: Smells like: Strawberry and other red fruits with sweetener. Use: Swine feeds at any age.

NEORANGE: Smells like: Orange with sweetener. Use: Ruminant feeds at any age.
This is not a exhaustive list. Many other aromas and aromas with sweeteners may be available on request.

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